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6 Tips And 1 Deep Truth About Recovery

26.07.2019 aaron selkrig

6 Tips And 1 Deep Truth About Recovery

There’s a huge list of things you can do to help recover from stress and the workouts you do.

Here’s 6 tips and the reasons why we use them at Selkrig Performance Unit. …and following that is the one truth about recovery that everyone should know. 😉

1 . Training program: we classify our clients between Yellow and Green (and Red, but that’s another story) to pick the right level of programming for them. For example, if your resting heart rate or strength levels are not that great, we first make sure to get the basics down with Yellow level programming before progressing to the Green level.

2 . Resting Heart Rate: checking the resting heart rate with any of the available tools like manual measurement or an Oura-ring (we love Oura!) makes it easy to do quick adjustments to your workout and daily activity plan. Cutting the workout shorter or pushing extra hard can be made more systematised with checking Resting Heart Rate. And of course the long term benefits of a lower resting heart rate should not be underestimated.

3 . Heart Rate Variability:  When it comes to managing stress and making sure you do the right things to recover is huge, and HRV is a cool little metric that can give a lot of insight. It can be used to help design better sleep practices and even help figuring out what kind of warm ups you should do at the gym. For example with a LOW reading you would benefit from breathing exercises to activate your para-symphatetic nervous system. A HIGH reading could mean explosive warm ups to activate your sympathetic nervous system.

4 . Nutrition: There’s many ways to get the best out of your nutrition. But many don’t realise how much your eating habits can affect your recovery. That’s why we educate our clients about the effects of different types of meals to your sleep, daily energy levels and sleep quality.

5 . Sleep: Using the tips above to get better sleep is huge. There is nothing more important to dealing with stress than getting good sleep. Especially getting some sleep data gathered with the Oura ring to track possible trends to see how certain meals, drinks or other habits effect your Deep Sleep and REM Sleep can help in figuring out the exact routines that make sure you get the good sleep you need.

6 . Massage: A lot can be debated about why exactly a massage works, but they do work. Just the mental benefits of a massage can be huge, so you can attack your day and the workouts with better attitude. Once a month is cool, twice a month wouldn’t hurt either!

So, what’s the 1 truth? Joe Rogan puts it well: “90% of success is just showing up. Get there and start working. You’re not going to feel perfect everyday. There’s gotta be those days you push through.”

No one makes progress in the gym, in their business or their lives if they wait for the perfect day to arrive. That’s why at SPU we encourage our clients to come to the sessions even if they are feeling a bit under the weather. With that real habits are built and the results they are looking for will start piling up.

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