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We build your plan WITH you, not FOR you. The plan is suited to your lifestyle and personal preferences, so we know that you’ll stick to it. We will fit your training sessions into your calendar and are very flexible with training times, so those important meetings or business trips won’t mean that you have to skip sessions. We specialize in coaching busy professionals, so we make sure that your busy schedule doesn’t keep you from getting into the best shape of your life!

What you get when you join the unit

1 Tailor-made, periodized training programs

The programs get harder and more advanced as you get fitter and stronger, so we can make sure you’re getting results every week

2 Weekly coaching sessions

This way you know you get awesome training sessions every week, and your coach can stay on track with your progress

3 24/7 access to our private gym (you get your own key)

You can come in and train on your own whenever you want

4 24/7 coach access through WhatsApp

Questions? Just shoot your coach a message and he or she will get back to you ASAP

5 Check-ins from your coach

Your coaching doesn’t end when you leave the gym; you will be kept accountable and your coach will give you small tasks every week

6 Nutrition coaching

You will learn how to eat healthy, delicious food so you can burn fat, build muscle, sleep better and have more energy

7 Access to our private Facebook group

Here you can ask questions and share your progress with the community. We also have monthly challenges to keep you accountable, instructional videos, podcasts and Facebook live seminars.

8 Our phone app

This is where your coach puts your training program complete with instructional videos so you can track your sessions easily. You can also add progress photos, weight and body measurements, as well as integrate different software into the app (MyFitnessPal, Fitbit etc)


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