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How does this work?

Click the button at the top of the page and leave your details, one of our coaches will contact you very soon to book a time for your free intro session.

What happens on the call?

One of our coaches will ask a few questions about your current situation, what kind of exercise you’re doing at the moment and how committed you are to changing. Then he or she will book a time for your free intro session.

What insurances do I have that this will work?

This isn’t a magic pill or a quick fix. This is a system that, when implemented correctly, will 100% deliver results. But you have to commit to the process and put in the work.

How does the group work?

it’s a private facebook group where we put daily and weekly challenges to keep you accountable as well keeping you up with the rest of the group. You can post questions in there or send them directly to your coach. However, we prefer you post them in the group as normally there are 5 other people with the same question. I will jump on FB live all the time to go over the topics that keep coming up.

I have an office job is this the right thing for me if I just want to lose a few kgs and feel better?

Of course, we work with a lot of business professionals from CEOs of companies to their staff.

I don’t only want to train in the gym can you tell me if there will be other stuff in my program?

For sure, during the consultation we will go over the stuff you like to do also and we will make the plan suited for that. For example if you play ice hockey 2x per week we will include that in your plan.

How long until I can start?

Once you’ve had your free intro session and decided to come on board, you will book your first sessions with your coach as soon as you see fit. You can start the very next day if you want!

How does the coaching work?

Read more about how we do things: The SPU Method

What is included in the coaching?

You can read all about it here: Coaching programs

Book a free trial session

Just fill in your details or give us call on 050 4042258

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