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Good nutrition must cover 5 points. How does your nutrition stack up?

25.02.2017 admin

Good nutrition must cover 5 points. How does your nutrition stack up?

Our job as coaches is to find limiting factors to getting you results.

These limiting factors are:

  • Genetics (which don’t count unless you are aiming for a high level in sports)
  • Your physical activity patterns (how much you are doing)
  • Your physiology eg: Hormone imbalances
  • Mindset (If you really want it)

Nutrition is nearly always the key in most cases as the biggest limiting factor. I know what you are thinking…. What is good nutrition?

  • Good nutrition properly controls energy balance (kcals in V kcals out)
  • Good nutrition is nutrient dense (loaded with vitamins/minerals etc)
  • Good nutrition is outcome based.
  • And good nutrition is sustainable for both us and the planet.

The first two are pretty self-explanatory so I am going to go deeper into the other ones. Good nutrition achieving health, body composition and performance. This is making you look better, feel better, and perform better (our company slogan) This ties in closely with the fourth point being that its outcome based.

The health aspect (FEEL BETTER) is a state of physical well-being that can be checked through medical tests such as blood tests.

Body composition: (LOOK BETTER) is simply the relationship between lean body mass and fat mass (body fat percentage) which can be either measured by biosignature or by such tests such as a DEXA scan.

Performance:( PERFORM BETTER) is action, function, or operation in daily or athletic life.

All of these aspects need to be taken into account some more so than others depending on a client. But you can’t sacrifice health (FEEL BETTER) just so you can look better. If we were to do this every coach would be (some are) putting you all on performance enhancing drugs or crash diets which can jeopardise your health in the future causing you more problems than what looking good on the beach is worth.

The last point is that it should be sustainable. We have to be responsible for our resources. Our consumption mainly our over-consumption of food and water has a very strong impact on the planet.

What I see day in and day out is people making this mistake with their nutrition because most of us are really not honest with ourselves and what we eat. I challenge you to try and be honest this week. I will even give you a simple grocery list  (which my clients love) that will help you stay on track. If you only buy the foods on this list and eat in moderation and drink 3 – 4L of water per day I guarantee you will get a result.

My favourite water tip: If your goal is to drink 3L of water per day and you have a 500ml bottle. Put 6 elastic bands around your bottle in the morning and take one off every time you fill up the bottle. The most simple stuff works 😉

Click here to download your grocery guide.
(I don’t require your email)

”The essentials of sport and exercise nutrition, cert manual by John Beradi, PhD; Ryan Andrews; MS, MA, RD”

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