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How clients progress at Selkrig Performance Unit

05.02.2020 aaron selkrig

How clients progress at Selkrig Performance Unit

If you don’t know what you are aiming at, you’ll never hit your goal.

Luckily, at Selkrig Performance Unit we have a plan – a very good plan – for each client, so they can reach their goals in health, fitness, performance and more.

A happy CEO Aaron with the Roadmaps!

Here are the two Roadmaps we use to evaluate, plan and execute on the right things for you.

The Training Roadmap details how you can progress from a beginner stage to the more advanced stages and what are the tools at each stage.

By the way, if you don’t understand everything in the Roadmaps,
ask your coach or book a free intro session through our website!

The Nutrition Roadmap shows what kind of things are focused on as you make progress with your eating habits and body composition.

Knowing where you are helps you focus on the next correct step. 

With the help of the Roadmaps you can always be sure, that the direction is the right one.

Together with your coach you identify and overcome the individual challenges your life puts in your way.

See you at Selkrig!

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