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How to Set up a Day in a Home Office

01.04.2020 Miki Korhonen

How to Set up a Day in a Home Office

Remote work has become more and more popular in the last years. Starting a workday from home is different compared to the office because it breaks precisely those routines. Here the SPU team lists four things on how you can start a productive day in your home office.

  1. Do your usual morning routines. Have breakfast like you or your family would normally have in the morning. Brush your teeth. Put on some make-up. Shave your beard. Try to make the start of the day as similar as it used to be. 
  2. Dress up. Working in your pyjamas does sound appealing at first, but it does nothing to wake you up to be the professional you are. Suit and dress shoes are not obligatory in a phone meeting, but wearing work clothes does automatically make you feel more like it’s time for business. 
  3. Physically go to work. Walk around your block in your work clothes. Take a 10 min bike ride and listen to some music or a podcast. Do things you would normally do while commuting to work. This will continue to prime your brain for a work mode. 
  4. Have a separate working space orroom. Get back to the old model of having your own workstation. Separate that workstation just for work and just for the time you are actually working. The rest of your home is for leisure. Especially if you have kids, explain why this is done and what are the rules when mom or dad are working.

With these four things, you can kickstart the day at the home office. We will be posting more work related posts in the blog and in our FREE SPU Facebook group.

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