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“When I first started coaching I trained every client how I trained myself. Lifting weights, running fast, having ball-busting workouts, I thought I could change my clients just by showing them how I did it. It took me almost a decade to realize that my ego and identity were holding me back and stopping me from looking at things from a different perspective. I decided to make a change.

I could go ahead and give you the world’s best plan for weight loss, the perfectly customised training and recovery plan. The problem is if you are like the rest of us. You won’t follow it. The solution for the most complicated problem, your health, was found in the basics. Throughout the years I created a method based on 3 pillars of wellness to optimize your time and money for finding a better version of yourself.

Now over 500 busy people’s testimonials prove how SPU helps you to achieve the goals in life.”

Aaron Selkrig




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