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My top 5 sups for building muscle and burning fat.. No! protein powder isn’t one of them.

09.02.2017 admin

My top 5 sups for building muscle and burning fat.. No! protein powder isn’t one of them.

As you know there are that many supps out there and it’s really hard to know what ACTUALLY works.

A lot of them work but a lot also don’t really have the biggest effect for a beginner just starting out training.

These are the supps in my opinion that have the biggest effect.

And no, protein powder isn’t one of them despite what you may think…

If I am to tell a customer what supplements to get this is the order I go with.


I know there is a few people about to read this and think well I can get all of these from my food…

Well, that’s nearly impossible unfortunately nowadays


Why you wonder?

It has to do with our foods having less nutrients than they did before….


So we now have to eat MORE calories to get the right amount of micronutrients that we would have got with 500 kcals less 50 years ago for example. (USDA Agriculture Factbook 2001-2002)


‘’Starving yourself to obesity’’


It is a calorie in Vs calorie out game to some extent.


I know exactly what you are thinking WHY is this?


Modern Farming Practices

–  High yield crops

           –  Depletion of soil micronutrients and organic matter

           –  Changes in pesticides and herbicides

           –  Lack of crop rotation

           –  Use of NPK


So here are the ones you do NEED

  1. Multivitamin: This one just covers all bases I personally tell my clients to take one with the first meal and one post workout and one before bed.
  2. Fish oil: This is to maintain healthy cells (our whole body is made of them) so maybe we should look after them right? I know exactly what you are thinking I am sure I get enough healthy fats from the foods I eat…. I am here to tell you unless you are an Eskimo the chances of that are VERY low…. I recommend anywhere between 4 and 6g per day split with meals at the start of the day. (don’t take them at night)


If you are only going to take two supplements these are what you start with.


       3) Magnesium: This one for me is massive. Just beware of what types of magnesium you are taking. Go for Citrate, malate, taurate, citrate-malate, theonate, bisglycinate, fumarate, glycerophosphate, orotate,… Stay away from oxides, carbonate, sulphate.


Some signs that you may have a deficiency in magnesium are; tightness in muscles, poor sleep, insomnia, blood sugar management, migraines. No, I am not saying this is going to cure all of these.. but it might be something to look into.

       4) Vitamin D. This is a big one for the Finns. We all know about this one.

From being good for: cancer prevention, bone health, high blood pressure, autism, diabetes and the list goes on… but what a lot of people don’t know is how much they should be taking. I personally take 5000IU per day.




5) Probiotics: The gut is commonly referred to as the body’s second brain. Dysbiosis is a condition that results in the natural flora of the gut are thrown out of balance such as when antibiotics are taken. Some symptoms of this are; chronic fatigue, depression, headache, insomnia, IBS, joint pain, learning disorders and more.

I recommend 30 – 50 billion CFU for my clients per day.

One thing to look out for with Probiotics is that they are guaranteed through expiration and not manufacture… So make sure you read the label


I know taking this many tablets might be hard for some, so I have put them in order of what I would recommend to my clients. This for me comes before any protein powders or fat burners.

These are more beneficial for both building muscle and burning fat burning fat and overall well-being than other products.


I am currently running a 10-day FREE challenge where I go into depth about more of these topics.

Feel free to jump in

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