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“The Best Coaches In Helsinki”

22.01.2020 aaron selkrig

“The Best Coaches In Helsinki”

As a company, we’re committed to the idea of Constant Improvement.

Every week hundreds of busy clients take the right steps in their health and performance by coming to Selkrig Performance Unit.

To make sure that the progress is effective and smart, we train and educate our coaches relentlessly.
Every week we run mentoring sessions, where coaches get to further their skills and knowledge.

To make the mentor sessions the best possible, we use the best courses worldwide and the expertise from our own team. For example, we have people with exercise science and physiotherapy degrees and even one teacher, so the sessions are done properly.

We do lectures too, but nothing beats hands-on education.
Or, is it hands-out education…?

Action is better than information

Many people might think that being a good coach means knowing a lot of facts about training and nutrition. While we believe it is important to have deep factual knowledge of your own field, information is never the end goal.

Instead, we focus on action.


Doing physical things require physical demonstrations.


That’s why we emphasize the psychology of habit change and techniques like motivational interviewing in our coach education. What we find over and over again is that people who focus on changing simple key habits get where they want.


Individualized doesn’t always mean different

Our promise is to offer individualized service to each and every client. This doesn’t mean that one person is going to do a bench press with a special barbell and another is going to only do push-ups.

Coach Aleksi focusing on the brain-gains!

Whether it is training or nutrition one thing remains true:

—The basics are the same for everyone—

So, we don’t individualize your training program or nutrition based on some super-complicated reasons that sound fancy but fall short on serious inspection. Instead, we focus our efforts on how the basics can be done in the most consistent way over long periods of time.

For example, trying to stick to a detailed meal-plan makes no sense, unless the basics of eating slowly and 80% full are mastered. The difficult part is finding the right solutions for your life, not someone else’s.


Constant improvement for everyone

Your relationship with your coach determines your success.

Coach Matthys receiving words of wisdom from Jussi.

By coming to the sessions and troubleshooting with your coach when it comes to nutrition, you are doing your part of Constant Improvement. Our coaches do their part by delivering on our promises and focusing on furthering their skills and knowledge. With the right small steps each day you can reach your goals, and with the right help, the steps can come faster than you’d think!

See you at Selkrig!

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