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“The Corona epidemic is your fault.”

27.03.2020 aaron selkrig

“The Corona epidemic is your fault.”

I’ve coached people for over a decade.

One thing I’ve seen is that often people don’t realize their thoughts are very weird.

At least not before they say them out loud. Sometimes I even repeat what they just said back to them.

In recent days, I’ve had very difficult and emotional conversations with my team members about the Corona situation. There’s a lot of worry, anxiety, and negativity surrounding the topic.

And why wouldn’t there be…This is the biggest and toughest thing many of us have had to face in their lifetimes.

Countries are basically getting shut down. Schools and malls are closing, even cities are getting isolated. Businesses are struggling like crazy, and I would be lying if I said the situation hasn’t lit a fire up under our asses.

But the funny thing is, that none of this is our fault. For me, this has been a thought I’ve returned to many times during the past days.

I feel this is one reason why I’ve been able to keep on pushing and coming up with solutions with my team, instead of getting depressed about the situation. Sometimes things just are our of your control. Things will not go how you’d like them to go.

Sometimes you need to completely change what you expect from your future. And that’s painful. These past days I’ve felt the pain myself and I’ve seen it on many faces I’d rather see smiling. But it’s not our fault and it makes no sense to take on the anxiety that comes with putting the blame on yourself.

By focusing on your own environment and the people around you, you can find the right thing to do.

By focusing on what you can do, you can stop beating yourself up and keep taking action, even if your head isn’t there yet.

By focusing on your actions you can make sure that you leave no stone unturned in this situation.

So the key message is to have self-compassion and focusing on what you can control.

Jocko’s advice of saying “Good” when facing adversity works in this situation.
(Artwork from our gym wall.)

The faster you can accept the situation, the faster you can start making it better.



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