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Three key points for training.

19.09.2016 admin

Three key points for training.

As a personal trainer, I see people breaking these three main rules far too often. To be completely honest, there are not many people who can stick to these three key points week in and week out. When I was much younger and first starting out, I didn’t have much knowledge about training and nutrition but my training partner and I focused on these three key things and wouldn’t let anything get in our way. Even going out on bush exercises for weeks as soldiers wouldn’t stop us from getting in our workouts. It’s never really about if you have the time, it’s more about how much you want it!


I believe you need to at LEAST workout 4 days a week with weights to get results. For some people they might think that this is borderline ‘’over training’’. This is the biggest bullshit excuse I have ever heard. I think it is nearly impossible to reach this stage. If you compare to endurance athletes who train for up to 5 hours a day, if they can do that you can manage to get your ass to the gym for 1 hour a day 4 days a week. There have been months where I have trained with weights 12 times a week and cardio a few times a week. Again, it’s not about how much time you have, it’s about how bad you want it!



I was pretty lucky when I first started training. I worked out with a great training partner and we also had people helping us out in the gym. As I have spent more and more time training, I have learnt new techniques about how to feel the muscle. This is the key for both fat loss and muscle gain. I use a saying quite often, “we want to make the smallest weight possible feel the heaviest”. In other words control the weight and squeeze it! Don’t just throw it around. It seems that everyone has a pt qualification these days and most of them got it out of a cereal box. Your safest bet is to look for the person who looks like they know what they are doing and follow them if you have no idea. No, I don’t mean the skinny bikini chick who is taking photos of her ass in the gym.


Finally, there is a difference between ‘’going’’ to the gym and GOING to the gym. Make sure you go there with purpose and that purpose is to get results. You’re not there to chat with your friends and take selfies. Some of the pics I see (mostly from women) amaze me. If you are still pretty at the end of your workout, you did not train hard enough to be putting hashtags like #hardsession #trainhard #hardcore or the other #trainhardorgohome. Those people should have stayed at home and left the gym for people like you and me who actually want results and want to train hard! Train like every session is your last! Get in there put in the effort for 1 hour and get out.

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