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Why does Selkrig Performance Unit exist?

11.11.2019 aaron selkrig

Why does Selkrig Performance Unit exist?

I suppose this question has as many answers as there are coaches and clients. The reasons range from simple, everyday reasons to deep and personal ones.

The same goes for the company as a whole.

I’ve recently been having conversations a lot about this topic. We’re growing fast, and getting our Why right will help us set the right goals and stay true to ourselves.

Here’s a look at the deeper reasons why we exist and why we serve our specific clients.


Who do we serve?

We serve the busiest executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Obviously, one reason for this is that unfortunately, not everyone can afford to pay for many sessions with a coach every month.

But a bigger reason is this. These people are building the biggest companies on the planet and they are going to change the world.

My team and I believe that change will be for the better if the people making the big decisions have their energy and performance in check.

Not only this, but the effects of getting the top people into top shape are huge.

I bet you’ve heard about the Pareto distribution, sometimes known as the power law. The idea here is that a small percentage of people will always produce the most in any given field.

We want to target those people, whose output to society is the greatest. By getting them in shape, everyone benefits.

This is not to say that people who are not in such top positions don’t matter. Everyone matters, and here’s why.


Imitation is the most powerful bringer of change

Our clients and coaches are also like any other people. Fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, siblings. Leaders, coworkers, and employees.

The people closest to you learn from you by imitation. Monkey see monkey do.

And to put it bluntly, we don’t think it is good if a person is in bad shape. Especially, because the behaviors that make you be in bad shape will be transmitted through imitation to those who you spend the most time with.

We know that changing someone’s lifestyle can change the lifestyle of a whole family. One father or mother who got their act together can mean change that carries over generations. The same goes for companies.

On top of this huge responsibility, people on the top have an extra role to play. They are the ones other people look up to, so the effects of imitation are multiplied.

If we can join our forces with those people, the effects will be amazing.

If people are not feeling well, they’ll be guided more by their negative side. Decisions will be done out of frustration, tiredness, and fear.

If people feel energetic and capable, decisions will be more courageous, well-timed and decisive. …or do you think that if people are feeling awful all the time, they’ll have a better influence on the world?

When the top people in the world are energetic and capable, feeling well, then they’ll be able to do the amazing things only they can, and pull everyone up with the rising tide.


Doing this alone is hard

Getting your energy and performance up to par is not easy. There are so many practical things to get right and then there’s the whole other part of motivation and psychology.

Think of it, when was the last time somebody encouraged you at a critical moment…

“You can do it!”

“You got the strength!”

“Don’t give up!”

Many people can go years without hearing this stuff. But in training with a coach, you’ll hear this all the time.

The physical and practical challenge becomes so much easier with a coach and also frees up all the mental energy that you would need to spend figuring the stuff out by yourself.

The encouragement over time will build up your confidence. 

The training keeps you honest about your capabilities, so when you get that iffy gut-feeling at a critical moment, you’ll be in tune with yourself.

When people are fit and strong their capacity to handle stressful situations grows.


That’s why we exist

To help the most gifted and hard-working people maximize their potential.

If this doesn’t suit you, that’s okay. There are many worthwhile things to do in life.

At SPU, we choose this.

If this sounds good, you’re welcome to join the Unit.

See you at Selkrig!


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