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Why it’s important to eat ENOUGH… That’s right I said enough!

02.01.2017 admin

Why it’s important to eat ENOUGH… That’s right I said enough!

We all know what it’s like at this time of year. Everyone has set the goal that they want to lose say 5 – 10kgs of fat but the only real way we know how to do it is to move more eat less.


I am here to tell you that MAY not be what you need to do….

A lot of people I come across on a daily basis already do this and wonder WHY they have stopped losing fat. The main reason is because you have just lowered the amount of food you eat and now you exercise.


So your metabolism does the one thing it knows best and it does this to protect you and stop from you from starving. IT SLOWS DOWN….. I see this more with the ‘’cardio bunnies’’


These people are usually not eating enough protein and they are not lifting weights.


Lifting weights protects from muscle breakdown (if you are eating protein) and increases lean muscle mass making it easier to lose body fat long term.

Am I saying you need to stop doing cardio? NO

But I think you should be doing a mixture of both cardio and weights but the main point here is you need to be eating enough to fuel those workouts with the right amount of macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats)

This can be the hard part, But you can refer to some of my other articles to get an idea of what that would be…. No, I am not saying you should sit there and count every marco in every meal.. ‘’Aint nobody got time for that’’ 😛
If you eat enough of the right foods, train enough 4 – 5 times a week (mixture of cardio and weights)  and rest enough you are sure to get results.  Yes, there can be hormonal factors that influence stubborn body fat are there are Jedi tricks you can use to get rid of them. But in general, people eat too much shit, not enough healthy food and don’t exercise enough.

If you would like me to send you an example sheet for a nutrition plan shoot me a email and I will send one through. No strings attached 🙂

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