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We understand your pain. You feel run down. Tired. Unhealthy. Unconfident.

I’m sure you have the same problems as most of our clients:

  • You’re too busy to work out consistently
  • You see yourself as an unhealthy person, so you make poor choices when it comes to training & nutrition
  • You’re a victim of your own bad habits
  • When you do get a chance to go to the gym, you don’t really know what to do

You’re hard-working, smart and successful – so you deserve to be successful in your health as well.

We know you’re busy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the best shape of your life!

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Find Out How This Busy Entrepreneur Got Into The Best Shape Of His Life Using Our Method

Discover how Pekka lost over 10kgs of fat and put on 4kgs of muscle while running 5 different businesses
(and how he did it in just a few months…)

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Our method

The SPU Method takes every aspect of physical fitness and mental focus and combines them to create a perfect balance of activity, nutrition and recovery – transforming you from unhealthy, tired and frustrated to the strongest, healthiest, most confident version of yourself.


What our clients say about Training with us


“Since I started training at SPU, I’ve lost over 8kg and have discovered a new level of discipline to my training. I’m sleeping better, feeling physically stronger and more energetic. The coaching is professional yet personal which is perfect for me and fits my day to day routine. 10/10 would recommend!”


“I’ve been training at Selkrig Performance Unit for about a year now, and I’ve noticed great improvements in strength, body composition and energy levels. I’ve lost fat, gained muscle and feel better than ever. I used to be a national level sprinter and I’m even stronger now than I was back when I used to compete!”


“I work a physically demanding job so being in good shape is crucial. In just a few months I’ve made more progress than ever before, and I’m no stranger to the gym. I keep getting compliments on my physique from friends and family, I’m breaking my previous records every week and I’m lifting more weight than I ever thought would be possible!”


“I trained on my own for several years, on and off. After my “newbie gains”, my progress in the gym stagnated and I was going nowhere. I started training at Selkrig Performance Unit, and quickly started getting results. I was a pretty seasoned trainee already, but my coach continues to surprise me with new information and different training methods. I highly recommend these guys to anyone, regardless of fitness level.”

Improve your health and performance Get results like our 150+ happy clients


You might be thinking:

“Do I have time for this, am I ready?”

One of our jobs as coaches is to remove those limiting beliefs and make sure you are good enough to follow through on the tasks!

This is why there is ZERO commitment with the coaching – We’re confident that you will be happy to work with us and get the results you want!

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